Friday, July 11, 2014

I wonder...

Tonight my mom and I watched some Wonderopolis videos. The wonder was: Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle?

My guess: The bottle is made of something special

Mom's guess: Some sort of reaction with the air once the glue is out of the bottle

What we learned: I think my mom is right because in the video they told us to make sure you clean up your glue and screw the top on so it doesn't dry up. The air makes it dry up because there is water in the glue and when the water evaporates all that is left is the polymers. Polymers are what make things stick together.

Next we watched one where the wonder was: Where is the largest zoo?

My guess: I think it is in the United States

Mom's guess: San Diego Zoo

What we learned: We were both kind of right. Lots of places say they are the biggest zoo. In a game reserve you can hunt animals, but in a zoo you care for them and feed them and everything. The word zoo comes from zoology, which means studying animals.

Then wondered: What does a fox really say?

My guess: The same as dog

Mom's guess: Ringdingdinggerdingadingding!

What we learned: Different languages have different words for what animals say. A fox sounds like a dog and makes a sound that almost sounds like a scream. It hunts like a cat.

Next time we'll learn more!


  1. Hi Rylee. I love your post. Wonderopolis is AWESOME! I like the way you and your mom make predictions before watching the videos. What are you wondering about today?

  2. This is Rylee but I am on my mom's computer. Today I wondered where the word gymnastics came from. We are going to watch more videos now!