Friday, May 2, 2014

Shelter Animals

I got out of school early to go to Ames and take Opie and Burke to Iowa State. We stayed in front of the library. More dogs came to. People came to pet them and we talked about them. I had fun. We did this for people to adopt animals. I wanted Lor to come but 3 dogs in 1 car was a lot and she would probably jump on people. It started to rain for like 10 seconds then it stopped. The group we went with is Bailing Out Benji. I learned about puppy mills from the papers we handed out. Did you know 100,000 puppies are sold from Iowa puppy mills annually,48% of puppies are sold from a  puppy mill are sick which means 48,000 sick puppies are sold from Iowa as healthy every year through pet stores and online sales. 46% of people believe shelter animals are less desirable than those obtained from breeders. But I love Opie and he is a shelter animal. We saved him. And I love Lor. When we got home I snuggled Lor so she didn't feel lonely.

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  1. great job Rylee! loved this story!