Sunday, January 11, 2015

Squishy Circuits

We did Squishy Circuits today. First we had to cook the conductive dough. That means the electricity can go through it. I chose to make it green. It has flour and cream of tartar in it. Next we had to add flour so it wasn't sticky.  Then we made insulating dough. Aaden picked the color. He picked orange.

 Then we got to play with our dough. I made a butterfly and a bridge. But the bridge didn't work. I learned that you have to plug the long side of the lights on the red side of the wire. The short side went on the black side so the electricity can go through. I also learned that electricity is lazy. If the green is touching then it doesn't have to go through the lights. That means you can't let the green touch. There has to be orange or a space between the green.

There is a buzzer that has two cords again and you have to plug the red in with the red and the black in with the black. Then it makes a buzzing noise. Same for the siren, only it makes a high pitched screaming sound. Kaia didn't like it. Kaia is my grandma's dog. The motor had to be plugged in the same, only it had different ends than the buzzer and the siren. We put some dough on the end to show that it was spinning. Next time we could put more dough on it, but I tried that and it didn't really work.

I'm not sure why my bridge didn't work. We thought the green was touching, but that wasn't it. I couldn't figure that one out. I have a guess, but it's hard to explain. It could be that I had too much orange and then there was maybe green in the right place. We should have taken a picture.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Walking the Runway

I like designing. For Christmas I got a Crayola Design Pro fashion set. The first design (top left) I did with my brother. It is pink with purple stars. The design on the right I thought of because of watermelon. The last one is a rainbow dress. This picture is before it is done. It has stars on the back. Below you can see my designs walk on the runway with the Crayola app. I hope I can design real dresses like this some day.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

DJ RyRY Doggie Designs

Two of my favorite things are fashion and animals. My mom helped me think of putting them together and making dog clothes for shelter dogs. Shelter dogs have to be shaved sometimes because they can be dirty or their fur is ruined and they will need to keep warm. For Christmas I got a sewing machine from my grandma and my other grandma taught me how to use it. We made a practice shirt for our dog Opie. Opie is a rescue dog. We made the shirt out of my brother's old onesie. We are collecting more onesies to keep making clothes.

Our friend Mindi who has a group called Bailing Out Benji helped me find a group that donates blankets to animal rescues. The group is called Wrapped In Love. I am going to learn how to make blankets and also send clothes to the animals. Mindi also helped me find a cat rescue in Stanhope, Iowa where I can volunteer to play with kitties who don't have homes yet.

I like to like to learn about and share about shelter animals. One of the places where I learn a lot about this is at school when we Skype with Jena Ball and Marty Keltz about CritterKin. CritterKin is about loving animals because they are part of our family. 

I am going to keep making clothes so I can help lots of animals. Maybe when I am older I can make clothes for other animals.