Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Tonight I made a build your wild self. I chose this because I thought it would be fun. I mixed the animals because then it would be a normal animal. I loved making it. It is a mixture of animals so it would be able to live everywhere.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rylee's Real World

 I love my sheep and family your pets even farm animals can be in your family. Opie and Lor and Snowflake and Capton and my sheep are in my family even my cats. I love them I take care of them everyone takes care of there pets even if you are alergect to them. I know that they love me. My papa and dad try to save sheep but you can't always do it keep trying you will succeed just keep trying you will get it right. I know that everyone has something they love I know that you have a heart.

 Today I am a 2nd grader and it teaches me that you have to keep trying and that the hole earth is filled with learning I watch people I know to learn to do things I watch the world to learn and do things. I watch my brother to learn how to play angry birds go. I watch my friends to see what the can do. All because of the world you can learn. I watch dad and he levels up higher and higher on Hay Day. This is my world and I love  it. I know my world it knows me. Today I see the perfect world. I don't care if it's Monday or Friday what matters is that I have fun. Now the world is full of excitement all because of the people who changed the world. I have the best world because of my family and friends and pets and everything I love the world100% and my family 100% or even more. Everything has a place even in space. The world has bully's but my teacher said you have to learn to deal with them. I watch my brother to learn new games. I do gymnastics to get stronger. I love my world and you know it.  Now the world has hundreds of heros and the first presedent Goerge Washington is one for making Amarica free.   I learned every Holiday is special for how you celebrate it. I know you can't always get what you want when you are a kid but when you start to grow up you can. The best thing of all is making my baby brother laugh. The best part of my life is playing with my family. Crackers had her baby's a girl 2 boys one boy died 2 lambs left. The names are Cutie and Little lamb.