Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Little Bit of Lace

This weekend my mom, my grandma, and I worked on more clothes so we can get our first shipment ready to donate. We even got my great grandma to help, because she donated a lot of lace. I need the lace because it is going to be like a signature on my doggie clothes. On the boy clothes we put a small piece on the inside of the clothes. On the girl clothes we just add lace. The lace is a reminder of how the clothes are not perfect, like the orange shirt I made where we had to add lace to cover up the holes we made. But just because they aren't perfect, doesn't mean they're not good!

Here are some of the new designs we did this weekend. We need to get some girl onesies because it is hard to make clothes for girl dogs out of my little brother's old clothes! But the green one turned out good for a girl dog with flower lace and a bow.


My first donation is ready to go help some dogs! Maybe we can add some treats for them with the clothes.