Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I love cartwheels and backhandsprings with help, but cartwheels  I do not need help on. On bars I love my   backhipcircles.   On floor I do leaps you take one step then two then three leap. I  am practessing for my spring show I have it in may.I love pit we have a pit race. Some people get hert. I did and my brother got it in his his eye he was okay. For warm up yesterday we played a game and we had fun. I do gymnastics at night. I am a gymnast. Mom watches me. On tumbletrack we do split jumps. Other days we do splits.We get stamps when I am done.

My leos

Part of my spring show routine

Show at the Iowa State basketball game

Climbing the rope

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our baby lambs

At grandma and grampas house there are 12 girl lambs but three that are tame. Cookie, Jumpie, and Ice  Cream. 1 boy and two girls in the family and the moms name is Tangle. All together theres 28. I dont know how many boys but there all cute and fun. I love baby lambs. Moms are cute too, but i have a mom sheep named Crackers.  She has 5 sisters. I got to show her at the fair. That was fun - really fun. Then I got to show Mulberry, but he was taken to a different house. Crackers sister has lambs.jumpie jumps on my head. I miss Mulberry so much. in this picture is Mulberry. Aaden helped me wash him. Crackers was little when I got to show her. She was tame evry day she came to me. Cookie is sweet  Ice cream is loud. Crackers sister came to me once I think shes sweet. I love all sheep now all are sweet.