Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today I wonder...

This morning I wondered where the word gymnastics came from. Tonight we are watching more videos from Wonderopolis. They do not have one about gymnastics so we picked different ones instead.

The wonder of the day: How are mountains made?

My guess: I think mountains are made of rock and dirt. I don't have any guesses for how the rock and dirt gets there.

Mom's guess: My mom says she already knows, so she isn't going to guess. She taught this in Geography class.

What I learned: Watch what I learned on Educreations!

Another wonder: What is a volcano?

My guess: A volcano is a mountain with a big hole in it and it has lava.

Mom's guess: Mom knew this one too. Next I want to do one she doesn't know!

What I learned: My guess was right! A volcano is a hole that leads down to the crust and the mantle. Inside the volcano is magma. Lava is when it shoots out. I learned that nobody knows how many volcanos are under the ocean.

One more wonder: What happens if you swallow gum?

My guess: I think the same as my mom this time. I wonder if the gum tree video is true...

Mom's guess: It gives you a tummy ache and is harder for your digestive system to process.

What I learned: Gum takes about 2 days to digest and goes through like other food. But you still shouldn't swallow it.

Now I wonder how long it takes to digest regular food...

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  1. Oh Rylee. Your thirst for knowledge amazes me every day. I like your wonders today. I'm not surprised that you had questions about gymnastics, but I can't believe they didn't have anything about it. What do you plan to do about that?

    I liked your use of Educreations to tell your audience about mountains. I don't like the idea of volcanoes and the destruction they cause, but I think they're fascinating! Have you ever heard of Mt. Vesuvius? I wonder if Wonderopolis has anything about it? If not, I found this article.
    It's written at three levels. Each one gives more information.

    Today my wonder is, "What is tonsillitis?". Kinley has it, and is not feeling very perky.

    Do you think we should use Wonderopolis next year? You will be a great resource!

    Have a terrific day! Keep wondering.