Monday, February 16, 2015

DJRyRy Doggie Designs 2

We designed shirts for dogs. They are not perfect. It took a lot of tries to make them, but we did it. The sewing machine kept eating the shirts and making holes, so we used pins to hold the fabric and sew it back together. We found out why it was making holes in the shirts. It's because we used a stitch that wasn't good on that fabric, so we decided not to use that stitch on that fabric. We kept getting fabric and thread stuck in the sewing machine, but we got it out a couple times, except for the last time. If it really get stuck and messes the sewing machine up, at least we know it's in a place we can get it out. Otherwise the sewing machine works pretty good, even though the fuzz and thread got stuck. We had to re-thread the sewing machine, so we used YouTube to tell us how to fix the bobbin. The shirts are not perfect. We tried the orange one on Opie, and told him, "Sorry for the lace on it!" The last time we made a shirt it was bigger, but didn't fit him as well. The orange one is smaller and fit him a little better, and I don't get that. We added the lace to the shirt to make it look pretty and to cover a hole. We're going to keep working on our designs. We need to find dogs to give these to. 

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