Monday, February 16, 2015

Chicago Style

We went down to Chicago for my meet. We went over a bridge to get into Illinois. We went over the Mississippi River. It was a high bridge and the river was covered in ice. On the way back mom said she was scared of bridges because one collapsed and cars fell in.

Chicago Style Meet, the biggest gymnastics meet in the world, was long. Longer than normal meets. My lowest score was bars and my highest was floor. I fell on bars, so it was low, but I had beam next and so I got on beam and was confident for the rest of the day. I still got 3 medals for floor, beam, and all around. I also got a leo. It is pink and sparkly and has CS on it for Chicago Style.

We had two pizzas on different nights. The first one was at Lou Malnatis and I didn't like that one so much (mom's note: she wasn't a fan of the peppers and onions), but the crust was better than our second pizza. But the salad I liked more than the pizza. I had 3 helpings. The second pizza at Gino's East I liked that pizza better because it was all meat pizza and I like meat pizzas, but no pizza is better than Casey's pizza!

At Rhonda and Gene's (the people who we stayed with) we played with their pugs named Ginger and Jasmine. Ginger is wild but I like playing with her. Jasmine was more calm than her, and I liked playing with her, too. The pugs were wild whenever we (mom or us) went outside. They haven't seen us in a while so they didn't recognize us.

Chicago was very, very, very fun. I would go back. Next time I would like to go to the aquarium. We didn't have time on this trip.

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