Sunday, January 26, 2014

Me and my sheep

Lilly Crackers and new baby sheep love me. I love my sheep to. They are in my heart and I'm in there's. 
I have a poem:

Sheep are wooly filled with care. 
You can show them at the fair. 
Sheep die and have baby's. 
I love my sheep
They love me to. 
I have new sheep and sheep that go,
But I love them all. 

They make me laugh when they play and run and when I train them that's funny to. Today I know all about them and they know all about me. When I laugh I feel like I have them with me and I feel them in my heart. Dad and papa take care of them and I do to. They save the day when sheep are sick.


  1. Thanks for sharing about your sheep, Rylee. I liked your poem very much!