Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our baby lambs

At grandma and grampas house there are 12 girl lambs but three that are tame. Cookie, Jumpie, and Ice  Cream. 1 boy and two girls in the family and the moms name is Tangle. All together theres 28. I dont know how many boys but there all cute and fun. I love baby lambs. Moms are cute too, but i have a mom sheep named Crackers.  She has 5 sisters. I got to show her at the fair. That was fun - really fun. Then I got to show Mulberry, but he was taken to a different house. Crackers sister has lambs.jumpie jumps on my head. I miss Mulberry so much. in this picture is Mulberry. Aaden helped me wash him. Crackers was little when I got to show her. She was tame evry day she came to me. Cookie is sweet  Ice cream is loud. Crackers sister came to me once I think shes sweet. I love all sheep now all are sweet.

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